So, you're probably thinking...

"I wonder how much they charge?"

The first thing to know is that the answer is nothing - until we know more about what you want and we decide, between us, how we can help you and your business.

We create websites that vary greatly in complexity, extent of pages and sophistication of the content management systems and backend system integration, but not everyone needs all the bells and whistles up front, especially if you are just starting out. It's a bit like asking "how much does a car cost?". It really does depend on your 'wants' versus your 'needs' - and ultimately how much you'd like to invest in your business.

OK, but how much do you charge?

As we've said, we can't give you any real figures until we talk to you, but to give you some indication of the sort of web development project costs that you might expect:

  • Websites start from around £895 for a 5 page website with Contact form, created from your supplied words, logo/branding and images - perfect for a small business or one starting out on the web. (This is a bespoke, custom designed website based on your branding - NOT just a standard template with a few colour changes and your logo stuck on the top!)
  • A website with 10-15 pages, with banner slideshows and photography, news or events would be between £1500-£2500
  • A larger website with around 20 pages, more bespoke features and functionality, would range from around £2500-£3500
  • A more extensive website, perhaps with special landing pages or mini-sites, mulitiple editors, custom coding, secure login areas for clients or customers would be around £7000.
  • Larger e-commerce and specialist websites with particular web hosting needs will be higher than this, especially if we are required to do all the input or creation of copy.

What do I get for the money?

All our websites are custom designed, search engine friendly and are built on content management systems (CMS) that you will be able to update as your business develops. You'll be able to add any number of new pages to your site after you have launched and update it yourself online at any time - no limit on the number of pages, no additional cost to add pages and no need to pay us to do it.

You can often save money on your project if you are prepared to provide the copy and research the images yourself, or if you have the in-house resources to create and add the copy to the web pages. This is something we can discuss when scoping the project.

Your website will have at least a simple Enquiry Form, plus search engine ready sitemap, individually updateable search engine META tags (page title, page description and editable URL), integrated Google Analytics website statistics and will be ready for you to update using our online video tutorials and resources, and optional one-to-one training and email and telephone support service.

But will I know how much my website will cost before we start?

Absolutely! After we have talked about what we can do, what you need and your available budget, we come up with a proposal.

This is a description of the project scope, the cost, what we will do, and what you will do. Usually this is broadly the final cost -  the only things that will add to the cost are aspects that were not expected, specified initially, changed after starting, or third party costs we need to use like photography or additional software or hosting requirements.

Over 90% of the projects we work on come in at or below the estimated cost (and yes, sometimes we really do charge less than we said!).

Be cautious about companies that provide prices that might seem a low cost up front, but everything comes as a hidden extra or unforeseen add-on. We've got many years of experience in project managing and building a huge variety of websites for a wide range of businesses, so we know what to expect and look out for in advance. That's why we spend time talking to you about your business and your needs beforehand, so you don't get nasty surprises!


All prices are plus VAT.