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10 things to ask yourself

Here are 10 things you should ask yourself about your project, which will help us to understand what you are looking for and what functionality your website is likely to need.

You can also download our client worksheet (Word format) to help you with this process.

  1. Why do you want a website (or a redesign)?
    What was the main reason you started looking for a new site, what is the key driver.
  2. What’s your business, organisation or service all about?
  3. What is different about you, what sets you apart from your competition?
  4. What problems does your business solve for your customers?
  5. Who are your prospective customers or visitors?
    What is your ideal customer or visitor looking for, who are they and where are they from.
  6. What do you want visitors to do on your site?
    If you’re not clear what you want them to do then your visitors won’t be either. What is a success – is it a sale, a contact form, a phone number or just a visit.
  7. What is your budget?
    You need to think how much you are prepared to invest, maybe initially or maybe in stages. Your budget should represent the value of the website to the business, and include not only the building of the website but also maintaining it and marketing the site.
  8. By what date do you need the site completed?
  9. Who will be responsible for updating your site?
    Do you have internal resources, do you want everything done for you, or do you want to do some things yourself.
  10. What do you want and what do you NOT want on your website?
    It helps if you can share sites do you like, and also sites you hate.

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