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How we can help you

You’d like a new website?

When you first contact us, you can expect us to start asking some searching questions about your business and your new website. Questions like, what you want your website to achieve for your business and how much do you want to spend and over what period of time?

Sometimes we might challenge your thinking or be digging for more details about why you want something done in a particular way. It isn’t that we are nosey – it’s just that we like to try to get to the bottom of what your website actually needs to achieve your business objectives and whether some of these needs could be phased in over time.

We hope to offer some additional advice, knowledge and experience based on our company’s 25+ years in website development and marketing on the internet to help you to get the best out of your website. Obviously we hope you will appreciate the extra value we can add – and occasionally we may even advise you not to go ahead at all!

We’re not your best best for…

a single page website or a ‘web builder’ style of site using a free template because, if you don’t want to invest any money to develop your business presence online, then we are unlikely to be your best choice. We don’t churn out these ‘cookie cutter’ sites because we don’t believe they do anything to help your business and so are a false economy in the long run.

But this doesn’t mean we do expensive websites, so please read on… or cut to the chase here.

What we do really well is…

develop professional looking, custom designed, tablet and mobile responsive websites based on ‘open source’ content management systems (CMS) that you will be able to update as your business develops. You’ll be able to add any number of new pages to your site after you have launched and update it yourself online at any time – no limit on the number of pages, no additional cost to add pages and no need to pay us to do it. Doing sites this way offers you far more flexibility and the ability to grow your website as your business size or range expands. And, because we use ‘open source’ CMSs, there are no hidden licence fees to continue to access the website, just the annual web hosting fees.

Made to measure (but room to expand)

We develop websites that start from around £2,500+ plus VAT for a custom designed, search engine friendly, around 10 page responsive website created from your supplied words and images, with simple Enquiry Form, plus search engine ready sitemap, integrated Google Analytics website statistics and ready for you to update after our training session, followed by our email and telephone support. This type of site can be designed and delivered in around 4 weeks, as long as you are ready with what you want to say, you’ve got a logo or established branding, and you’ve thought about or have registered a domain name.

If you are not ready with the copy and imagery, then we can work with you to create and develop the copy and acquire photography – a ‘turnkey’ approach that means we create the whole website for you so that you just keep it up-to-date once launched. This can suit those with limited time or human resources that want to make sure that the website is completed quickly and efficiently. Doing it this way uses more of our time and project management, so does cost a bit more, but we can let you know the additional costs of this level of service when we plan out the site with you, so that you can choose which is the most cost effective for you.

Or perhaps you need something a bit special?

Consider this the more of  ‘designer’ label option. These are larger sites of around 20+ pages, with more complex facilities and functionality and perhaps with higher grade hosting. Often this will involve a more detailed review of your business and website needs and a detailed proposal. On a larger project, planning and project management is particularly critical and regular meetings and updates ensure that the project runs to schedule. Typically this option will be around £5,000+ plus VAT and the project will take around 8-10 weeks.

Welcome to the tailor-made section

We also undertake applications which need bespoke coding and development, perhaps linking existing databases or developing rules for site users or features for community sites. These projects tend to vary depending on the specific specification and the size and age of the site, and so once we have a good idea of what you are looking for we would provide a detailed quotation.

We have applications running at many blue chip companies, and we think it says something about our forward-looking approach and careful consideration of scalability and usability that many are still in daily use more than 10 years after they were developed, still delivering exactly what they were designed for.