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How long does it take

The second most frequent website question we get asked (see the most common website question)

Now, where’s that bit of string…?

If you don’t have a dedicated internal resource working on the website, then it’s going to take that bit longer for you to get all the content togther which we will need – the words, the images, the message.

If we’re waiting on the content, then we can only go so far with your website. If we can’t get on with your website then time is ticking away and you could be losing sales. Then again if you want it done quickly then you may have to compromise on some of the features in your website, or decide to add some pages later, and ask us to do more of the work for you, like sourcing images or writing copy.

The old adage is often true… there are 3 options but you can only pick 2, and so something’s got to give…

  • we could design your website quickly and fully featured, but then it will not be cheap
  • we could design your website quickly and cheaply, but it will not be fully featured
  • we could design your website fully featured and cheaply, but it will take some time

So, the above might be a bit simplistic, but we do need to schedule your work so we all know what needs doing by who and by when – that way we can deliver what you need – when you need it.

We will never do you a “website in a day”. If that is what you are looking for then you need to look for a ‘website builder’ like wix.com

A simple website project might take 2-3 weeks and what will affect that is the speed with which you can approve the designs and supply the words and images.

A full website project might take 4-8 weeks. This needs a little more attention to website architecture and we will be developing a ‘wireframe’ site which will help you test the navigation and site flow whilst also developing the designs and probably meeting up regularly (in person or via Skype) to update on progress and share and develop ideas.

A larger project will involve bespoke coding and development work as well as website design and the time schedule will be part of the proposal. These type of projects can vary from a day or two for a simple add on module or mini-site to 6 months or more for a full development of a front-end website and back-end management or e-commerce system.