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Wordpress websites without the tears!

Are you looking for a website powered by Wordpress (WP) that will make your company stand out from the crowd, and rank high in search engines?

blue spark are web designers in Sevenoaks Kent that are passionate about using Wordpress to deliver easy to use, fast to render websites that are optimised to work best with Google.

Of course Wordpress itself is free, and there are many free templates around so you can certainly try and develop a wordpress site yourself. If you do then your success will depend on how much you know, or want to know, about coding, css, php and locating and testing the plugins that can really make Wordpress sing (or grind to a halt and collapse in a heap).

What we can do for you is use Wordpress as the tool, but really concentrate on what impression your website needs to convey and what it needs to say to be successful. By using our combination of plugins that we have worked with and tested we can develop sites that work exceptionally well for particular industries or particular requirements.

These can include

  • Hotel websites or B&B websites
  • Estate agency websites or property rental agents
  • A company intranet
  • Recruitment agents or Job Vacancy website
  • A survey or customer contact mini-site
  • Product launch or promotional mini-sites
  • Mobile websites

Why Wordpress makes great websites…

There are millions of installs of Wordpress, and one of the things that make it such an adaptable tool is the legions of developers that have contributed plug-ins to add extra functionality. Many of these are free, some are not, but many add functionality that would cost literally thousands of pounds in any other content system – and they are available to install in 1 click.

Why Wordpress can make really bad websites…

Wordpress is a tool to develop a website and so, in the same way that if a shelf you put up is squint you can’t really blame your hammer, then you can also use Wordpress to make some really horrible websites!

If you are unlucky you might buy a template before you realise that the skills needed to make even quite minor changes to the look and feel means you run headlong into quite a solid brick wall.

The headache from that bump is really only going to go away when you speak to someone that does this for a living.

And don’t be too surprised if they tell you that they won’t work with your template or you need to start again from scratch – they might well be saving you money in the long run.

Using some free templates might be even worse – some contain viruses and other malware or nasty links that anyone using a site for business should not even contemplate for a minute. Often you also need to check the terms and conditions, you might be required to link back to the author or be forbidden to use the template for a business, in which case you are exposing yourself to legal issues further down the road.

Wordpress the right way

We try to take the best elements of Wordpress and then add in the functionality you need to get your website site working for you, not you working for it. We configure everything for you and then hide some of the underlying complexity because it tends to clutter up the admin system and scare people!

This means you get all the power of Wordpress, but with some nice extra touches added to make it easier to look after and get on with.