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Domain Names

It’s all in the name

Your domain name is your address on the internet.

You need a memorable domain in order that people will be able to find your site easily, ideally without even seeing it written down.

However, with the many millions of domains already taken it is important that you establish whether the name you are looking for is still available and, if it is, register it before someone else does!

blue spark* can register domains for you from all the main registry agents including .co.uk.com.net,.org.org.uk.info.biz and also .eu as well as a list of other global domain names.

We are members of Nominet and a Nominet TAG holder which means that we can register your domain for you directly with Nominet, the registry for .uk domain names.

We are also authorised resellers for Tucows, one of the largest registration agents for.com.net.org.info, and .biz and we also have accounts and agreements with most of the major registrars around the world to make transferring and consolidating your domains easier and quicker.

Registering a Domain Name

Often it is worth registering different variations of your main domain. For example, if you use a .co.uk address, you would be surprised at how many people type the .com variation into their browser. So, if available, this is always a good idea to protect your presence on the internet. Just let us know what name you are looking for and we can research and recommend the various options for you and if you register them can also set these additional domains up so they forward seamlessly any web traffic or email to your main site.

All domains registered through us are registered in your name and have no additional setup charges, restrictive conditions or release fees (if you transfer the domains away from us). Some companies still charge a ‘release fee’ to try and stop you using an alternative registration agent that might be cheaper – so watch out and make sure you read the terms and conditions you are agreeing to!

You can also transfer domains you already own through another agent to us so we can look after them for you, and then we can manage your domain portfolio for you.

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Domain Management

You need to keep your domain registration up to date, and make sure that it does not expire. There have been many high profile examples of companies who have lost access to their website and email when a domain name renewal has been misplaced and the domain expires. In the worst cases the domain expires and It means the domain can be picked up by a speculator who will charge you very dearly to get control of your domain back.

Domain Portfolio Management

For companies with a large number of domains we can act as your domain manager and take care of the issues that can arise with a valuable and extensive list of domains.

This can involve:

  • monthly registry checks to ensure the domain has not been ‘hijacked’ and are still resolving as expected.
  • establish and manage a secondary DNS server, so you are protected if your ISP goes down.
  • negotiate domain purchases or sales with third parties on your behalf, either in your name or anonymously.
  • manage the transfer of domains between ISP’s.
  • advise you on the various fast practices and scams that you might fall prey to.
  • if you have a trademark, we can constantly monitor new domain registrations and alert your when someone registers a domain containing your trademark.
  • we can also offer a site monitoring service which monitors your website from multiple points around the world, and alerts you when there is a problem with your ISP, DNS server or web server

Advice is free…so give us a call on 01732 762001 to talk through your domain strategy.