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PPC management

If you want to quickly increase the traffic to your website and turn these visitors into leads, then you need to be using what is called ‘pay per click’ advertising. If you use search engines, then you will have noticed the ‘sponsored listings’ that appear in the results, often at the top and sometimes on the right hand side.

Instantly get to the top of Google (sort of)

These sponsored positions are sold on an auction form of advertising where competing advertisers make a bid on how much they are prepared to pay for a visitor to their site (a click), and from this and other factors (such as how popular your adverts are and how relevant your site is to the query) the search engine calculates whose advert appears in what order.

The two big advantages of this is you get to choose the phrases people use before they see your advert, and you only pay for a click through to your site, you do not pay just to appear – so it is much more trackable and much more accountable than most forms of advertising.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft are the largest players in this market and blue spark* has the experience of running and managing campaigns with all of these networks (and we are a Google AdWords Certified Partner).  These networks display adverts on their own search engine and also supply results to other search engine such as Alta Vista, AOL and Ask. It is also possible to appear on other news and general sites through what are termed ‘content’ or ‘display’ adverts, the biggest example being the Google ‘Adsense’ network. There are pros and cons to the various options available, and a few traps that you need to be aware of, but we can help choose the best options for you.

pay per click management

We can help you develop your internet marketing plan and help you manage it to get the best return on your investment by:

  • researching the most popular keywords and phrases being used in the search engines
  • producing a marketing proposal showing you the likely results and costs of a campaign
  • setting up an account for you in Google, Yahoo or Microsoft and writing and setting up your adverts
  • managing the bidding for you and producing a monthly report on spend and results
  • advising you on new opportunities and changes in the market

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Why not give us a call on 01732 762001 and talk through how we can help you, whether you are looking for:

  • help with starting your first campaign
  • management of your existing campaign to improve the return on investment
  • handling of your bidding management to save you time and maintain your ad position
  • advice on fraud control and undertaking a forensic analysis of site traffic to check for fraud
  • development of advertising copy, website design or developing response forms
  • the follow up options for visitors including email lists and auto responders

Running pay per click advertising campaigns can get you instant, trackable and profitable results, but they can take up a lot of time to look after in order to make sure you are getting the maximum return. This is where blue spark* can help you. We agree the strategy with you, and then you can leave the rest to us!

Get in touch on 01732 762001 for a FREE assessment of your existing campaign or to talk through how we can help you get started.