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Registering and renewing Domain Names

When you register a domain name we want you to be happy with our services and the support we provide. Depending on which domains we register or renew for you, they will be covered by the terms on this page (together with the documents and links referred to on it) and it is important that you read and agree with these terms before you ask us to register, renew or transfer a domain:

Domains Key Terms

Charges for Registration or Renewal

Our charges for domain names will be provided to you prior to registration or renewal. Prices can vary widely between different registrys, especially for the rarer domains and where the name you are trying to obtain may be viewed by the registry as ‘cherished’ or more valuable.

Over 95% of the domains we register and renew are for the most common domain extensions .com and .uk, and our prices for these are:

.uk  – £7.95 plus VAT for 1 year, £15.90 plus VAT for 2 years

.com – £15.95 plus VAT for 1 year, £31.90 plus VAT for 2 years

Should we need to increase these charges you will be informed at least 30 days prior to renewal.

Charges for transfer, release or amendments

We do not charge for making amendments to your registration information unless the registry involved also makes a charge in which case we pass these charges on.
We do not charge for transferring your domains to another registrar, or for cancelling a domain registration.

Renewal and Expiry Policy

In order to protect your domains we operate a ‘positive renewal process’ with your domains – that is to say that by default we will renew names automatically for a period of 1 or 2 years in order to protect your domain and the website and email service you operate on it.

In order to cancel a domain just let us know at any time prior to the renewal date and we will ensure the domain does not renew. We will send a reminder email to the email address we have on record for you approximately 30 days prior to the renewal, to inform you of the renewal date.

If you would prefer to renew a domain for a different period, either for 1 year or for any period up to 10 years, then just let us know.

Expired and Expiring Domains

If you have requested us not to auto renew the domain and the domain has not been renewed by you prior to the expiration date then we will send another renewal reminder notice to you within 7 days of the expiration.

We will send these email communications to the email address that is recorded in our database for the registered name holder of the domain. If you do not renew the domain name registration by the expiration date, the domain name registration is subject to deletion at any time after that.

In an effort to help you avoid unintentional deletion of your domain name registration, we may, but are not obligated to, provide you with a “grace period” after the domain name registration services expiration date (a “grace period” begins on the day after the date of expiration). If the Registry Operator provides registrars with the ability to “redeem” a deleted domain name registration, called Redemption Grace Period (RGP) then we, in turn, will provide you with an ability to redeem a particular domain name registration. Registry Operators may provide an RGP for 30 days from the date of deletion. When we provide the redemption service to you, we charge a fee (£80 plus VAT) to redeem and renew a domain name registration during the RGP. If the domain name registration is not redeemed by the expiration of the RGP, then the domain registration will be deleted and the domain name character string is then once again available for registration.

Transferring domains to a new Registrar or cancelling a domain

We don’t make any charge for transferring a domain to another registry or cancelling a domain registration with us. In certain circumstances that registry for the domain may have charges that they levy for changing registrant or contact information and if this is the case then we will advise you prior to the transfer.

In order to transfer a domain your account must be up to date and all outstanding charges (including where applicable hosting, website maintenance and other charges) must be paid prior to the transfer being made.

Terms and Conditions

When placing a domain name registration or renewal order the following terms and conditions will also apply depending on the domain name ending:

Domain names ending in .UK

Domain names ending in .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ

Domain names registered through OpenSRS Tucows

Domain names using new gTLD’s operated by Donuts Inc. (List here)

Customer Service Level Agreement

In the event that you need to contact blue spark, whether concerning an operational issue, complaint or for any other reason then please contact us using one of the contact methods below, outside of office hours please email us at info@bluespark.co.uk

Email: info@bluespark.co.uk Telephone : +44 1732 762001

We will to respond to all points of contact within 1 business day and aim to resolve any issues you have within 5 business days.

If the issue is of a technical nature or cannot be immediately resolved, we will provide you with an expected time of when the issue should be resolved.

In all cases we will intend to acknowledge your request or complaint and either give you a full response or an explanation of our approach and intended actions to deal with the issue within 24 hours. A Company Director will be assigned to your request or complaint and will deal directly with you until resolution. We deal with registries and suppliers around the globe, and some of these local registries have manual systems and limited technical capabilities, and work in different time zones. In these cases the time to resolution may be longer than we would normally be expect. However we will still keep you informed and provide you an estimate of a fix time.
If a request or complaint involves a third party supplier or registrar, we will escalate it with the supplier concerned and report back to you as soon as possible regarding their response together with any options to mitigate or avoid the issue that we may be able to assist you with.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we strive to give you a positive, quality service, and we will always do everything we can reasonably do to solve your issues in a fast and efficient manner.