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Nominet has now launched the new shorter .uk domain name

So instead of you needing to have a domain like bluespark.co.uk, in the future you will also be able to register bluespark.uk (go on try it – it works!)

As Nominet is the official domain registry for the UK, there will be high acceptance and widespread usage of the domains, so much so that it is likely that over time the .uk will come to be seen the default domain extension for the UK.

 Can I register a .uk domain?

The good news is that if you already have a .co.uk domain registered, then as long as you continue to hold the domain you have the right to register the .uk version of the domain.

In fact Nominet have even given you until the 10th of June 2019 in order to exercise that right, so there is no need to rush!

If you have a .net.uk, .org.uk , ltd.uk or plc.uk then you may still be able to register the .uk equivalent, although the holder of the .co.uk has first call, so you may not be able to do anything until after 2019.

If there is no current variant at all then it is first come first served, you can register a new .uk and not bother with the .co.uk unless you want to.

New Opportunities

In future you will be able to register .uk as well as or instead of .co.uk, and so some domain names you may have not reserved before will become available (as long as at the moment any of the existing variants are not registered).

This will be particularly relevent if in the past you have registered a name like markryder.co.uk – which never really worked as .co.uk was meant to stand for company uk.

However, now you can register markryder.uk which makes much more sense and apparently the very first .uk domain registered was stephenfry.uk

Next Steps

If you already hold the .co.uk domain then there is no immediate rush, however if you want to register the new domain you would then be able to start using it for hosting, email etc, and in some cases may decide to move your primary domain over to it.

If we look after your domains or hosting then just get in touch to discuss (just make sure it is some time in the next 5 years!).